Source Of The Earth Snacks

Greate Taste In A Bag

A trio of unique plant based crisps suitable for everyone


Lentil, potato, & chick pea snacks in plastic free packaging

Beautiful flavours, wonderful packaging with respect for the planet and all the beings on it.  


Things that are good to know about Source of the Earth snacks

  • Available in three unique flavours: Coconut Curry, Smoked Paprika & Chilli and Sour Cream & Chives.  24
  • Flavoursome ingredients which are all air popped and not fried and are all allergen free
  • Gluten free, GM free vegan and contain no added sugar and only 96 calories per bag.  There are 24 grams and 24 per box.
  • 100% compostable and made from trees grown responsibly managed forests and can be buried in home compost and promises to disintegrate within 26 weeks leaving no trace on the planet
  • The bags are made from paper (for every tree felled at least one more tree is planted.  Bags are made from sustainably grown Eucalyptus trees from managed plantations and food contact approved and bio-polymer derived from natural resources such as sugarcane cassava and corn.
  • Compliant with the UK government HFSS legislation with an HFSS score of 0) and CQUIN Compliant
  • These envionmentally friendly crisps have been approved by the Vegan Society and the packets have been approved and certified by A plastic planet
  • Flowers and vegetables will love the natural compost made from the plant based bags.  Takes 26 weeks to fully disappear and decompose & can be done at home
  • No gimmicks, or falsehoods. The snacks are what they say and they are premium and wholesome
  • British owned family business with 12 years experience in supplying the British market with pride in therein products and services
  • Brown Bag Crisps is a true premium brand.   Defined by quality and taste.