scrubbys crisps

Scrubbys Crisp

Scrubbys crisps is a healthy and delicious snack composed solely of super grains:  Hummus, Lentils & Quinoa.   Scrubbys is manufactured and produced by long-time snack manufacturer Dormen Foods in a variety of sizes for suppliers from different industries.  

So what’s different about Scrubby as there are loads of healthy snacks on the market and an ever-expanding array of products. 

Srubbys has real nutrition, real ingredients and real taste.  Absolutely nothing artificial or cancer-promoting or causing.  The reason that I mention this is most snacks have a hidden component which is not generally advertised on the packet:  Acrylamide.  This is a chemical which is a known carcinogen.  It is used to make substances in many industrial processes but unfortunately, it has been used in the snacking industry alongside chips, crisps bread and coffee. Scrubby does not cut corners to make a healthy and delicious product.   Samples are available on request.

And Scrubbys are available in 12 individual flavours In Meal/lunch bag Impulse bag and sharing sizes.

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