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For over a decade, Lipstick Pub Snacks has been a reliable supplier of olives to businesses in the UK.
Our olives originate from premier olive-producing regions such as Italy and Greece, renowned for their optimal climate conditions and extensive expertise in cultivation.

Sourced from the sun-drenched Mediterranean, our olives undergo a meticulous growth process, maturing slowly throughout the summer and reaching peak ripeness in the autumn.
To guarantee the distribution of premium quality olives throughout Britain, we carefully handpick only the best olives for selection.

With centuries of olive cultivation heritage, we prioritise sourcing from the Mediterranean shores to guarantee exceptional taste and freshness.
Whether enjoyed as a refreshing summer treat alongside a chilled glass of wine or as a comforting snack in winter, olives are the perfect year-round indulgence.

Moreover, besides their delectable flavour, olives boast many health benefits. They offer a satisfying and nutritious snack packed with essential nutrients, including oils, minerals, and vitamins A, B, E, and K, as well as omega-6 and omega-3 fatty acids.

Choose Lipstick Pub Snacks as your trusted olive supplier and elevate your offerings with premium quality olives sourced directly from the heart of the Mediterranean.



In conclusion, Lipstick Pub Snacks is a steadfast Olive supplier of premium olives sourced from the esteemed regions of Italy and Greece.
Our meticulous selection process reflects our commitment to quality, ensuring that only the finest olives make their way to our customers across the UK.

Drawing from centuries of olive cultivation expertise in the Mediterranean, we offer a taste of tradition and excellence with every bite. Whether savoured as a delightful summer accompaniment or a comforting winter snack, our olives promise to satisfy and delight.

Moreover, our olives offer many health benefits beyond their irresistible flavour, making them a nutritious choice for discerning consumers. Packed with essential nutrients, they promote a balanced diet and well-being.

When you choose Lipstick Pub, you’re your olive supplier; you’re not just receiving a product—you’re gaining access to a legacy of quality and authenticity. Elevate your offerings and delight your customers with olives sourced directly from the heart of the Mediterranean.


Olive Suppliers

Olives with Stones

Nocellara (big beautiful green olives ) with stones  – varying sizes

Halkidiki (Greek gigantic Queen green)

Cerignola (Italian oval shaped green)

Passoloni (Colossal Black)

Fantasy (Marinated Mixed Olives


Natural Black

Nocellara in Brine

Mixed Olives







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“We use Lipstick Pub Snacks olives as they are delicious, value for money, no minimum orders and next day delivery.