Vegan Scratchings

Pork- less Scratchings

Delicious Vegan Scratchings

Not Selling Porkies!

Given the popularity of pork scratchings in Britain as a fully owned vegan deli with all vegan products we developed a unique  and delicious alternative – animal free – cruelty free – and delicious snack.  We have created 4 Moorish flavours. 

Things that are good to know about our plant based scratchings.

  • Four moreish flavours
  • Classic
  • Sea Salt
  • American Spiced
  • No Bacon
  • 50 gram packets
  • 1 year shelf life

Sunshine Deli is a wholly owned independent vegan supplier located in Sheffield.  With the prolifertion of vegan and plant based products there are a few other scratching makers in the market few are as similar to scratching in taste and crunch as Sunshine Delis.  This is a unique pork like product like product without hair, bone or suffering.  These need to be tried