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Tasty Pub Snacks


The range of nuts includes catering bags to be served in ramekins, small stylish bags, fun and eye catching little pots..Many different varieties from the traditional salted peanuts and dry roasted to hot and spicy wasabi, chilli and a multitude of mixes. Working with 3 different suppliers who are all independent companies and 2 companies who are manufacturers – there are no middle people – just us!!  Independence at its finest.


Award winning gluten free, natural flavours, palm oil free, soy free, gmo free and British potatoes. The potatoes are
coated with flavours made exclusively for us from a country based company who are deeply proud of producing the tastiest most original and interesting flavours…Fiercely and proudly independent we will never supply supermarkets. Its our family promise.



Working with Italians based in London our range is large and varied but quality is the centre point for all the products in our range. It is made up of pitted olives, olives with stones, greek olives, Italian olives. We supply mixed marinades, olives in brine large green nocellara olives, black natural olives, known as Passoloni plus a range of breads and nuts. We cater to top hotels and restaurants, bars and the leisure industry. We are also an independent small company with service second to none..

I Love Snacks

Individually packed nuts fruits (mango and pineapple) and olives in the loveliest packaging with delicious flavours like cashews with chilli and lime, cashews with cacao vanilla and sea salt..All vegan, all natural, all gluten free. Stylish healthy snacking.. Independently owned modern snacks to suit all palates.

I Love Snacks