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Olives for the Food Conscious

For 11 years Lipstick Pub Snacks have been supplying the trade with olives..  Our olive come from the great olive producing nations of Italy and Greece.  Years of expertise and the perfect climate of dry and heat and sun gives these countries the best crop.

Grown slowly through the hot  Mediterranean summer, then picked in late Autumn. when they are ripe and juicy the best crop then becomes available for distributing around Britain.  The Mediterranean shores have been producing olives for centuries and thats why we  always source the best from there.

These fruits (not vegetables)  are the perfect snack either in the hot summer with a cool glass of wine or in the winter inside a cozy bar.

Filled with health benefits  a  bowl has the added benefit of being both totally satisfying and very healthy.  Rich in oils, minerals and vitamins A, B, E and K.  They also have essential omega 6 and omega 3 fatty acids.




Olives with Stones

Nocellara (big beautiful green olives ) with stones  – varying sizes

Halkidiki (Greek gigantic Queen green)

Cerignola (Italian oval shaped green)

Passoloni (Colossal Black)

Fantasy (Marinated Mixed Olives


Natural Black

Nocellara in Brine

Mixed Olives






“We use Lipstick Pub Snacks olives as they are delicious, value for money, no minimum orders and next day delivery.