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Snack Suppliers Since 2000

What We Offer

Since 2000 we have been working with pubs, hotels, bars, cafes, art and music venues – anywhere that people eat and drink to successfully provide high quality, original interesting snacks with a twist and healthier options than our competitors.  We’ve always had gluten free vegetarian and vegan options.

Your customers pleasure is our focus and we think after 2 decades we’ve been successful.


40g and 150g bags

Our delicious award winning and vegtable potato crisps gently hand cooked in sunflower oilnaturally very low in saturated fat.

Vegetable based snacks with character uniquely created with a base of quinoa, hummus and lentil.  6 low fat moorish flavours.

Bulk & Single Portion

These Nuts are manufactured with high quality ingredients. Many mixes  and single portion varieties to suit all tastes.

Parties and celebrations

Olives to melt in your mouth from the best olive producing regions in the world:  Italy and Greece.  Imported by people who originate4 from these regions.

Single Portion For Pub Snacks

Keep it Simple

Our single portion nuts comes in different fomats bags, cards, glass jars and and an elegant and unrivalled range of products.

We have a dazzling range of nuts and crackers,to be drunk with cocktails, wine, beer, fruit juice, cold mixed fruit punches and mocktails. Something to please all tastes and lifestyles.   


Catering for businesses

The Dormen Classic Range offers a quintessential combination of exemplary nuts and moreish snacks,  accompaniment.


Scrubby is a totally healthy and delicious snack composed solely of Hummus, Lentil & Quinoa Super Grains.   

Brown Bag Crisps

Our delicious potato crisps are now gently hand cooked in sunflower oil, which is naturally very low in saturated fat. 

Our Story

Few words about us.

After 15 years of supplying the leisure industry; we know the snacks and drinks that people love. Â With this expertise we can advise you on what snacks will increase your sales and make your customers happy.

As  Suppliers of snacks for pubs, we are a highly efficient and reliable service from the initial call for information or sample requests, right on through to delivery, administration and re-ordering of our products. We take great pride and pleasure in always being the best.

With 100% emphasis on diversity, quality and innovation; we supply companies who seek the best ingredients in their snacks.  Our products suit a multitude of tastes and desires.

A multi-faceted unique range of new and traditional snacks and drinks. Whether it be olives, nuts, peas, crisps or vegan & vegetarian specialities; we are always on the lookout for products that will bring new customers to your business.

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Lipstick Pub Snacks has been our supplier for 15 years since our first pub to our most recent 6th venue. She is our first port of call every time we expand our business.
Sharyn mistakenly left her portfolio and samples in my cafe 10 years ago. I called her to tell I had cheekily tasted the samples. We met and have been doing business ever since in the bar and shops I own.
We buy nuts, crisps, and pretzels from Lipstick Pub Snacks through the companies that she represents. She always brings us the new products she takes on and with her help we add and subtract different pub snacks.

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